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Andrew White

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My name is Andrew, I am 48 and am educated with a BSc Computer Science Degree and well travelled. Currently I am working for an Investment Bank in the city of London, freelance in the IT department of their Private Banking division. Also, I own my own limited company Installdeploy Consultancy (several years) and worked in IT for over 20 years, mainly in the finance software development space.
Cryptocurrency is something I have had an interest for about a year now. My first investment was Ant Shares (AKA Neo). I have so far to date contributed to over forty ICOs. My most first ICO investment was Bitquence now known as Ethos and my latest ICOs were 0Chain, COTI and Endor. I am also a holder of AICoin.

Understanding how to select an ICO is crucial as to avoid all of the pit falls. The main attributes of selecting an ICO are for example:-
Strong All Star Team, does the ICO have real world Use Case, fair Token Metrics and whether the ICO has a beta product or MVP. I also attend various crypto shows, my last being the Crypto Investor Show in Westminster London, which was held Saturday 10th March 2018.
As I have gained more experience, I have expanded my investing, to include private and pre-sale ICOs and have orchestrated pools and moderated pool group chats.

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